What We Offer

Teachers who Understand and Enrich the Home School mentality: 

Many of our teachers have been at Aurora Options for many years and do it because they love the students and the heart of home-schooled students. They are teachers who have chosen to work part time for Options and still be able to be at home with their own kids the rest of the week. We have some teachers that have retired from teaching but, still have the desire to teach and work part time for our program. Our teachers are not here to judge your work at home, but to work with you on the struggles your children face in order to give your kids the best education possible.  Our teachers do not teach common core.

Parent Support and Encouragement:

Like you they have all chosen to home-school their kids for various reasons. The parents are a very valuable part of our program. We do not require the parents to volunteer any specific number of hours or days although we may ask for volunteers from time to time. Many of our parents have been with us for many years and have stayed because of the value of the program.  The first Friday of every month we offer a parent coffee day, where parents can bring a small breakfast item to share, talk about their struggles and give advice and encouragement to one another.

Friendly Students:

IMG_8002Our students are expected to be the best that they can be. Because we are a K-12 school we emphasize that the older kids be an example to the younger ones.   Our School has a great atmosphere, one student said, "It feels like being with family when we come together on Fridays."   We try to emphasize kids reaching out to help each other, building friendships and working on teamwork all the while still allowing them to be kids.


A Caring and Experienced Coordinator:

Marsha has been a coordinator for APS since 2003. She has home-schooled all 3 of her sons from K-12th grade, they now have all graduated as of 2013. Her kids have gone on to Pickens Technical College and Community College of Aurora and have graduated from high school holding various degrees and certificates including a 2 year carpentry certificate, 1 year cabinetmaking certificate, 2.5 year precision machining degree, and an Associates of Science. Marsha herself holds a Bachelors degree.

Options Bookroom Curriculum Library:

We have a wonderful resource for our homeschool families in our Bookroom.  One of the most costly expenses that go with homeschooling is the books, and we do our best to help you with those expenses by providing you the opportunity to check out common curriculum books through our bookroom.  It works like a Library, we have curriculum in several subjects and all levels.   You can use all the subjects or just some of them it is up to you and what your needs are. The curriculum that we offer is not common core.  The Current Booklist is on our website; www.OptionsBooks.info

Enrichment Classes:IMG_7999

Our Site understands that many home school parents are looking for classes to enrich the work they are already doing at home.   We try to provide classes that are either hard to teach at home, and core subjects that students can always improve upon.  While your students may have homework periodically we do not send homework home on a weekly basis.

Free School Pictures:


Once a year we have a school picture day,
and offer free individual and family portraits
IMG_1836which will be given to you on a disk.   You will have all rights to the photos to print off whatever you would like! 




Iowa Basic Testing:

Every spring we offer the IOWA Basic Test.  If you do this test on your own can be very costly and can require you to hire outside proctors. We offer it to all kids in odd grades (3rd-11th).   This meets the Colorado Homeschool laws testing requirement.  The cost for this test is $5.   We do not look at these test results they will be given to you for your records.

Free Community College and Pickens Technical College:

Since we are a part of the Aurora Public Schools, our Highschools in 10th-12th grade have the option of also attending Pickens Technical College, where they can take a variety of classes and earn many different certificates while also earning credits toward a college degree.

Also for Highschool Juniors and Seniors who have been enrolled in our program for at least one year, we offer the opportunity to take college classes at several community colleges in the area through the concurrent enrollment program.    They will receive credits for Highschool as well as credits they can put towards the college degree of their choice.  This allows them to have the opportunity to receive up to an associates degree before graduating college.