Mock Trial


In 2016-17 Our school had the opportunity to have the first ever Aurora Options school Mock Trial and Judicial Class.   In this class our Middle School and High School students had the opportunity to Prepare, and act out a Mock Trial.   Students served as Lawyers, Court Staff, Jurors, Witnesses, and as the judge.  This opportunity allowed our students to learn about our Judicial system and the etiquette thereof, all the while practicing public speaking, learning to work as a team, working on memorization, and learning many leadership qualities.  We held 4 mock trials on the same case, all of which ended with different results.  The Final trial was held at the Colorado Capitol Building in the Old Supreme Court Chamber where actual Colorado Supreme Court cases have been held.  It was a awesome opportunity for our students as well as our faculty, in a beautiful building!  We Look forward to continuing this in the years to come!

In our Final case, setting as the Supreme court, we had the opportunity to invite The office staff, Principals, and Counselors of our program, to serve as our supreme court Justices.   After hearing the case, the Results were as follows:

Taylor Malcolm greatly contributed to his resulting injuries because of his ongoing and repeated harassment of the animals.  As a college student he would know what “Provoke” means.  Those on the tram had received written warnings and verbal admonishments which he failed to comply with.   However, Jordan Hammond ignored some safety suggestions specifically about the height of the tram, especially given the potential dangers of gorillas.  Moreover, the injury resulted because of the tranquilizer dart that hit Taylor, making him slump forward and become vulnerable to the attack.  Sammy Dundee had not received proper training.   Finally the decision to have two males in the same enclosure added to the aggressiveness of Joe as described by Morgan Goodall the Gorilla Expert.

Due to the presented facts given to the Justices we found the Defense Not guilty of Negligence, the Prosecution not Guilty of Contributory Negligence, and have therefore found both parties guilty of Comparative Negligence 60% Defense, 40% Prosecution.


You can watch the Full Supreme court Case here: Aurora Options Supreme Court 2017