"Our family has been attending Aurora Options at New Hope Church for 1 and ½ years now.  When we decided to homeschool our four children we were worried about where to go to find good mentors and teachers that would help our children thrive and be happy in learning.  We were afraid of putting them into a program where they would be misunderstood, forced to do things they were not ready for, and where their imaginations, spontaneity, love of learning, and creativeness would be stifled while trying to fit them into the “public education box”.  After much thought and deliberation we decided to call Marsha Bishop and “interview” her about her program and teachers.  I was in tears within minutes. I felt like we had found the right fit for our four children we had adopted from foster care.  We got the children enrolled and started the program.  The teachers and administrators at Options have become part of our family. They have gotten to know my children as people, they are patient, funny, smart, and we love them and they love our children, and our family as a family. It isn’t about testing, sitting still, etc. It is about being children, learning in fun ways, feeling understood, being included, being valued, and feeling loved. As we are moving out of State because of a job transfer I wish that we could take our “Options School” family with us.  Aurora Options at New Hope Church will always be a part of our families hearts and lives"
- Elizabeth Lindsey (Parent)

"I really enjoy Options. It gives me a chance to socialize in a school setting and prepared me for the deadlines, classrooms, and the like that await me in college. I would recommend it to any homeschooler who wants to "get out," especially elementary students."
-Luke Henson (Student 8th Grade)

"We love the Aurora Options program! This was exactly what we needed to make homeschooling work for our family"
Amanda Dinkel (Parent)

"I loved the school year.  I liked art where we made all kinds of crafts, I liked the trivia questions in history, and I liked that you could order Pizza at lunch. in English we did lots of cool work and often went outside.  In science we did lots of cool experiments. We did so many things,  I love all of the teachers and I love this School! I can't wait to come back next year!"
Kenzie Kunitz (Student 3rd Grade)

"I enjoyed school this year.  My favorite part was meeting new people.  I also enjoyed learning new things, and we learned some awesome stuff I can't wait to tell other people about it all.  Every day at school I learn new and exciting things.  I love Options, I love to learn, and I can't wait to come back next year!"
Maggie Henson (Student 4th Grade)