Joe Burton, Principal

  Mr. Burton is a retired APS high school principal.  He has been our Principal here at the Options program for 12 years .  He has come to understand the homeschooling families and laws and been a great asset to us here .







 Marsha Bishop, Coordinator Aurora site 

  Mrs. Bishop has been the coordinator at the Aurora site for 14 years.  She holds a Bachelors degree in Business with experience with teaching from preschool up. Her three boys have all graduated from the Options Program and were homeschooled from Kindergarten thru 12th grade.  She has a great heart for the homeschool community and is here to help with any questions you may have




LeeAnn Egli,  Elementary Spanish and Secondary Social Studies

Mrs. Egli has been with us for 13 years teaching Spanish to all grade and has branched out into social studies.  Her Spanish classes are hands on and exciting for the students.  She has taught, American Gov., geography, current events and basic US history and world history.






Denise Balatbat  Kindergarten

Mrs. Balatbat has taught Kindergarten with us for 7 ½ years and the students love her.  She is so patient and caring.  She is also very knowledgeable with allergies and asthma.





Molly Paxton, Elementary Social Studies and P.E.

Mrs. Paxton has been with us 6 years teaching elementary Social Studies and elementary Physical Education. She is always willing to help out where needed.







Becky Dague, Middle school and High school Math

Mrs. Dague has been with us for 4 years,  and has brought math to a whole new exciting level for all of us.  She can even quote Pi to the 204 digit.  Secondary math has never been better presented.





Ann Hansen, Secondary Science

This is the First year that Mrs. Hansen has taught at our school.   She does a great job at teaching practical science to our students and explaining how different things in life work the way they do!    She Makes science fun even for the students who usually do not like it! 

Karissa Janitell, Elementary Language Arts

This is Mrs. J's first year at our School she really has a great heart for kids, especially homeschool kids!  She is our Elementary language arts teacher and does a great job at making the classes fun and exciting for the Kids! We are happy to have her to join our team!



Dustin Bishop, Clerk

Dustin is an Aurora Options School alumni.  He has been a clerk for us for 4 years but, has really been a special part of our school for many years.  He enjoys working with the kids and has more tasks then we can list.