Student Government

Maggie Henson - Student Body President


Serge Zadorozhny - Student Body Vice Pesident   Richard Lybarger - Speaker of the House

The Aurora Options site at New Hope Church has held student body elections yearly beginning in the 2011-2012 school year.   These students learn many valuable skills while campaigning, working as a team in the legislature, being examples to the student body,  and giving speeches in front of their peers.  They also learn how a Government is run, as we based our school government after that of the United States.  Our Student Government is responsible for many things, including; being an example to those around them, setting up fundraisers for the Dr. Tom Synott Scholarship foundation (In memory of our Founder who passed away), and planning special days such as; our Annual Christmas party, Valentine Party, and the end of the year surprise.  This is a great opportunity for the kids to take the time to learn how to work well as a group, compromise, and make group decisions.

Click Here to read the Constitution of the Aurora Options School   Written and ratified by the Student Body.